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causal by causality

Your life laid out.


Causal is a project to bring together all your online social connections together in one place.

Causal gives you two ways to view your social history. The first is a web interface displaying your past 7 days of the enabled services. The second is a JSON feed of the same data of all your updates in a standardised format.

We have made the decision to open the project to drive the project in a direction users want rather than any whims we might have.

The Team

Contact / Follow

You can email the team via, follow us on Twitter via @projectcausal, or read more about the project and our dev ramblings on our blog.


You can download v1.0.19 in either zip or tar formats.

For more instructions on getting Causal (e.g. installing with buildout or easy_install), see our latest readme.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://